How the right products can help your company have its most successful trade show–EVER!

Marketing can be a stressful undertaking for any business. Making sure your company is reaching the correct audience requires time, research, and a lot of planning. Exhibiting at trade shows is part of your overall marketing, and the same requirements apply.

Companies waiting until the last minute to order promotional items for trade shows are no rarity. The date could be marked on the calendar for weeks, and it STILL sneaks up on you. The looming date puts stress on employees, as they rush to order logo and apparel items.

In stressful situations, poor purchasing decisions are made. Rather than focusing on what products suit your brand and company best, it becomes an issue of “Who can get this to me the fastest”. More often than not, the express delivery of the poorly-chosen item is going to come with a charge for its speedy arrival.

By waiting until the last minute to order your company-branded items, you have made a more expensive purchase, both short term and long term. The rush charge is an unnecessary expense that could have been avoided, and does absolutely nothing but cost the company more money. The items chosen were probably not the most effective products available.

Promotional items are a long-term advertising investment. A free giveaway at a trade show could stay in a potential client or customer’s home for months, or even years. The cost of these items is often less than other forms of advertising, which typically only lasts for a short period of time.

The key to this, however, is making sure that the item that is distributed is useful to your potential audience. If you are a company that builds sheds, attending a Home and Garden trade show, giving away a tape measure or small tool kit would be a much better giveaway than a keychain or notepad. With a tape measure, your company is already associated with building, keeping a new shed in the mind of the family that just bought their first home.

So what is the best method to maximize your marketing impact, while maintaining your budget?

You could invest more time in the development of your promotional products. Maybe you could simply make sure better effort is put into ordering products on time, so you can avoid a rush delivery.


You could do BOTH, through the creation of an Online Company Store, like the one found at

By creating a custom online store, you will no longer have to deal with a new print shop every time you order materials. All promotional products will be available through the store. You can select particular items to always remain in stock, so they can be shipped quickly. No more pesky express fees!

With thousands of items to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect promotional item for your company. You will have complete control of your brand management, while saving money on your marketing budget. With a Custom Online Company store, your company could be on their way to the most productive trade show or event they have EVER been a part of.

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