Having an Online Company Store Gives You Marketing and Brand Control

When you allow us to create an online company store for you, you will experience a significant increase in your marketing and brand control. This is especially important if you have a complex logo or have invested in detailed branding standards. We utilize technology to standardize the appearance and quality of your branding across all departments and locations, ensuring that your brand gains recognition and value in the eyes of both your employees and clients.

1) Embroidery:
For embroidery, we create a digitized computer file for every stitch in your logos. We then provide a sew-out proof for each logo for your approval. We make necessary changes until each logo looks correct. The final embroidery file is used for all future orders.

  • Different fabrics can affect how embroidery looks; thicker or textured fabrics may require slight adjustments to ensure small details are clear and openings in letters like “e” or “a” don’t close up. If needed, separate logo files are created for shirts, jackets, and hats.
  • We offer a wide variety of embroidery thread colors and can also special order colors as required.
Enhance Marketing and Brand Control

2) Screen Printing and Other Apparel/ Product Decoration:
For screen printing and all other types of apparel and product decoration, we always provide an email proof before production. Nothing is produced until you confirm it looks good. For larger or especially important projects, we can often do an initial sample run; this may incur an additional cost, but it ensures the quality you desire. Printing specifications are saved for exact repeat orders, and we provide a new proof for each production run.

3) Automated Specifications:
We set up rules in our software to follow specific instructions, such as “Print this logo in White on dark-colored items and in PMS Green on all other items” or “Use this one-color logo on these items and this full-color logo on those items.” These instructions are linked to specific logo files, and all approved specifications are locked within your company store. This automation ensures replicating them in future production runs is a seamless process.

4) Employee Access Control:
Our technology empowers you to manage employee access to specific logos. We can provide employees with a dropdown menu for selecting their desired logo or implement a more restrictive approach by hardcoding access to only the logos you deem appropriate for each employee to view and order.

5) Importance of Your Company Store:
Your company store is essential to this process, as every item will be displayed with prominent logo placement for all to see. We are dedicated to forging a long-lasting partnership with you, eliminating the burden of continuously seeking new suppliers. In the rare instance of an error on our end, we will swiftly rectify the situation and implement any necessary software or design adjustments to prevent future occurrences.

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