Save Money with an Online Company Store

In today’s economy, consumers as well as business owners are tightening their belts in order to survive. While households cut corners in daily spending such as grocery bills, energy consumption, and entertainment spending, companies around the country are looking to continue to accomplish their goals while simultaneously making routine processes more efficient.

One venue in which some businesses are streamlining their expenses is in supplies purchasing. Most companies and their departments have a regular need for print, label, or promotional materials, and oftentimes, each department is responsible for satisfying that need. One or more individuals within each section of the company are put in charge of contacting numerous vendors, determining allocation of budget, and keeping record of all associated transactions, just to replenish stock of these items as it becomes sparse.

But when efficiency is key to business survival, companies shouldn’t be spending unnecessary time and energy to fulfill such a routine task. By having an custom Online Company Store, it will safeguard your company pocketbook very seriously. offers a custom internet storefront through which your entire company can do business online.

An Online Company Store concept is simple:
With an online “store” in place, one person at headquarters (not one person from each department) can oversee supplies management for the entire company. Other departments and locations can then access the store to purchase items pre-approved by headquarters. Taking this approach to purchasing can benefit your company by:

Taking this approach to purchasing can benefit your company by:

  • Pre-Defining Spending Limits:
    Say “goodbye” to wasteful spending and surprise invoices from vendors. With pre-defined spending limits put in place at your central location, not only is your store manager in control of how much is spent by each branch on what items, but an overall cap can be put in place to control total expenditures.
  • Requiring Manager Authorization:
    The sky’s the limit when we design your online company store. Want to allow your other locations a little more freedom in purchasing? A little less? No problem. With the option for required manager authorization, you can control what items can be purchase, and what spending can be undertaken with or without an “OK” from headquarters.
  • Reporting Usage:
    This is the best tool a business can use to streamline expenses and research of their own spending habits. When your entire company’s supplies are purchase through one central, online store, keeping track is a snap. With the ability to prepare detailed reports on the spending habits of each department or location, our online company stores keeps you on top of your allocations.

If your company isn’t using an Online Company Store to manage all your supplies, you’re potentially wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours every year.

We all need a little help during this new economy. Having an Online Company Store Let’s you work smarter, not harder. Streamline Your Business today and Save Money with an Online Company Store.

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