When you partner with us to create an Online Company Store, we give you the option to run an inventory program for all your most important corporate apparel, uniforms, logo products and print materials; so these items are always in stock and ready to ship!!

During these challenging times of global supply chain problems, our inventory program has been a tremendous help to all our important clients. We stock up when items are available, so our clients have been largely insulated from all the delays and product availability problems that everyone else is experiencing.

Here are some of the highlights of why our inventory program is the best in the industry:

  1. You must identify what items will be inventory items, so we never produce anything without your approval.
  2. We produce your inventory and keep it available in our climate controlled warehouse, so your orders keep flowing smoothly.
  3. We can create a “Quick Ship” department in your company store, to highlight which items will be in stock and ready to ship out within 24 hours.
  4. You avoid rush fees and overnight shipping charges, because your most important items are ready to go.
  5. This is important! You pay nothing upfront; we bill you as your inventory items ship out. This keeps your expenses tied directly to what you are receiving, with no pre-payments needed.

We give you a full year to use up your inventory, no one else in our industry gives you this long to hold inventory without paying for it. After one year, if the items are still active moving items, we continue to hold them and ship them out just like normal, and you still don’t have to pay for them until they are ordered and shipped out – indefinitely, as long as they are active items being ordered and replenished in inventory if they get used up.

After the first year, if an item has become inactive and has not been ordered for at least 3 months, then we will ask you to pay for that inventory. We can continue to hold them and ship them out when ordered, or you can take the slow moving items and use them for an upcoming company event.

We have the best online company store program, and our inventory program is a big part of why we are better than all our competition.

Contact us today for a demonstration, and use our inventory program as a vital part of your online company store. These supply chain problems look like they will be here for a while yet, so why not solve this problem today!