It’s an obvious fact, being organized and prepared saves both time and money.

  • When you’re well organized you don’t waste time searching for the things you need to do your job, you know where they are and you can go right to them.
  • When you’re prepared, you’ve already thought about the supplies your company needs in order to function, and you’ve created a plan to keep those supplies accessible.

By having your own Online Company Store, you stay organize and prepared.

  • When you put all your company’s supplies into an Online Company Store, you organize them in logical groups; by department, by similarity, by locations that use them, etc.
  • You include a photograph and description of each item, so you can remember what each supply is and what it’s used for.
  • Each department prepares a list of the supplies they use, to make sure all the information is properly collected and loaded into your Company Store.
  • All your most important supply items are produced in advance and put into inventory, so they are ready to be used.

Using your Online Company Store helps drive down costs and saves money.

  • When all your employees can see the supplies held in your Online Company Store, they don’t go off and invent new items when there’s already a good item in the store. So you consolidate your usage and eliminate duplicate items. This saves money and eliminates waste.
  • Your Online Company Store is also an electronic database, so it captures all your quantity usage and pricing information. This valuable history is used to better understand your spending, and negotiate lower and more accurate pricing on all your supplies’ orders going forward.

If your company isn’t using an Online Company Store to manage all your supplies, you’re potentially wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours every year.

If you want to try it out, and get an Online Store for your company, but you don’t know where to start… there are very good “supplies management companies” out there that can build you an effective Store. Make sure you work with a company who can handle all your different types of supplies; printing, labels, logo promotional products, corporate apparel, uniforms and more.

Start out by looking into someone like They build and manage most of their client’s Company Stores at no charge, and they will also beat all your current pricing on the supplies you’re purchasing. You’ll be better organized, better prepared, and you’ll save money. They guarantee it!