Our online company store partnership, combined with our industry leading inventory program, gives you the ability to create world-class kits for employees, customers, VIPs and special events. Using our climate-controlled pick-n-pack fulfilment center, we can create custom kits that combine different products to meet any budget. We’ll help you pick out the perfect combination of items for any goal, and you can use as many different kits as you’d like, so there is no limit on your creativity!

NEW HIRE KITS: This is our most popular kit, because our clients know how important it is to create a great start with new employees. We’ll help you create as many different custom kits as you need, with different products for each type of employee. Office Employee Kits, Field Employees, Managers, Executives and Safety Kits are all popular options. We will keep these items in stock for you, so kits can be built and shipped out within 2-days.

NEW CLIENT KITS: Send a Welcome Kit every time you sign up a new client, to boost your name recognition and create a great first impression with your company.

YEAR-END HOLIDAY KITS: These have never been more popular, and we can put together kits at any price point. We also partner with some fantastic food suppliers, so we can include top end cookies, candies and nuts, or send out high-end gift boxes of meat and cheese platters.

SPECIAL EVENT KITS: We represent over 200 different brands of apparel, and over 800,000 different promotional logo products; so we can help you create different kits for tradeshows, managers’ meetings, board retreats and other special events. Just tell us if you want a particular theme, like a spring or summer kit, or something that’s budget friendly for your “all employees meeting” and we’ll deliver the WOW Factor at any price point.

PACKAGING: We can add special colored packing paper, and personalized cards or letters. If your budget allows, we can even produce custom printed gift boxes for you, or pack your items inside a backpack or giftbag for maximum impact!

QUICK TURNAROUND: For kits that go out frequently, we will keep each item in stock so we can assemble and ship your kits within 2-days or less.

NO UP-FRONT COST: You do not have to pay for your inventory items up front! We will produce and store your kit items in our climate-controlled warehouse for up to a year at no cost to you, as long as the items are being used regularly. We invoice you as items ship out, to keep the accounting as simple and clean as possible.

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Kitting and Fulfilment Operations


Lunch Sack, Pack-n-Serve Set, Insulated Tumbler, Koozie And T-shirt


Water Bottle, Wireless Speaker, Notebook, 4-Pens, Coffee Cup, Post-it-Notes and Cell Phone Wallet

Kitting and Fulfilment Operations
Office and Badge Kit


Tote Bag, Insulated Tumbler, Lanyard, Belt-Clip Badge Reel, Stress Ball, Notebook and Pen


Backpack, High-end Insulated Tumbler and Wireless Speaker/Powerbank

Training Graduation Kit
Ultimate Gift Bag


Insulated Cooler Bag, Beach Towel, Hat, Umbrella, Tumbler, Grocery Tote Bag and Wireless Speaker


Safety Vest, Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Cut-proof Gloves, Polo Shirt, High-end Duffle Bag and Lunchbox

Kitting and Fulfilment Operations

Use our kitting and fulfilment operations to improve your marketing and employee engagement.

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