Online Company Store Demos – Features and Functionality

Our Custom Online Company Stores are loaded with useful features, each with its own meaningful purpose. These powerful built-in options are easy to understand, and give you the control to manage all your printing, labels, logo promotional products and company apparel. We guarantee you will save time AND save money!

Online Company Store Demos

Custom Landing Page Design

Your Company Store will have a custom landing page, explaining how everything works. Access to different parts of your Store can be restricted, so that everyone ends up seeing only the product selection that’s appropriate for each person.
See samples: Advantica | PDQ Online Store |

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Multi Store Capability

Your Store can be set up so it’s actually 2 or 3 different stores, based on who is doing the shopping. You can pick which products are shown in each different store, to help control spending and inventory usage. You can have one Company Store for official company purchases, and a second Employee Store where employees shop and pay for items personally.
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Organize Your Store, Find What You Need Quickly

Inside your Store, we will set up different product categories to group similar items together. This makes shopping quick and easy. You’re also able to search by item number and product description so you can always find what you’re looking for.   See samples: Advantica |


Easy-to-fill Template

We will create easy-to-fill templates for printed items that repeat frequently, like business cards. Any ‘authorized user’ will be able to fill in the required information, and generate an instant PDF proof for approval, before the item is sent to us for printing. The system saves every version that’s entered in the “History Lookup” so past versions can be recalled instantly when they need to be printed again.   See sample: |


Pre-loaded Information

We can pre-load important information, so it’s available in a drop-down menu. This works great for a listing of all your different “Ship To” or “Bill To” addresses, so that shoppers in your store can select the proper information quickly, and it’s always accurate.
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In-depth Details

In-depth Details for Every Item

Every item in your Store has a click-through where you can see a detailed description, photographs, color and size choices, current inventory quantity and cost. You’ll never lose track of your products or forget what items you’ve used in the past, or what items are ready for immediate delivery from current inventory.
See sample: PDQ Online Store |

KIT Items

Create KIT Items

You can assemble multiple items into Kits, right there in your Store. Select the right variety of items to build New Employee Welcome Kits, New Customer Kits or Grand Opening Baskets. Then we assemble all the items for you, and distribute them wherever needed.
See sample: PDQ Online Store |

email notification

Email Notifications for All Store Activity

Every time someone places an order in your Company Store, they get an Order Confirmation by email. You can also set up spending limits by user, and a chain-of-command for management approval of any over spending. If a user places too large of an order she receives an Order Confirmation indicating that her order is “Pending Approval” and her manager also receives an email asking for the order to be approved or denied. If needed, you can have your Accounting Department copied on all orders, in real time. This allows your company to stay in total control of all Store activity and spending!
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Use your new Custom Online Company Store to create a world class Employee Rewards and Recognition Program, while you also promote and strengthen your brand and improve your company’s culture!

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Celebrate “company wide” announcements, milestones and accomplishments by giving all your employees a discount on great quality logo merchandise inside your Company Store. Your Coupon can be for a set dollar amount or for a percentage taken off everyone’s order, and it runs for a specific amount of time.

  • For example: To help celebrate our company’s 10 Year Anniversary, we are giving everyone 20% off all logo gear inside our Company Store for the month of April. Just enter Coupon Code “10GetsYou20” during checkout! | See sample |
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Gift Certificates

Recognize individual employees for doing good deeds, accomplishing goals, or celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries, by giving valuable Gift Certificates at just the right time. Each Gift Certificate is a unique code that you can give to a specific person, for any dollar amount that’s appropriate.

  • Recognize smaller accomplishments frequently, to promote an overall sense of “good corporate citizenship” throughout your entire company. For example: “Thank you Dave, for staying late last night to finish up our client’s proposal. Please use this $25 Gift Certificate the next time you go shopping in our Company Store.”
  • Celebrate larger accomplishments with larger rewards, to make a lasting impact on special team members. For example: Give each employee a Gift Certificate on her work anniversary, with $20 for each year of service. “Susan, congratulations and thank you, for 5 years with our team! Please use this $100 Gift Certificate for a shopping spree in our Company Store!” | See sample |

Allowance Dollars

For the ultimate in ongoing employee recognition systems… create an Allowance Program within your company, where each employee receives his or her own individual bank account of company credit dollars, that spend just like cash inside your Company Store. You can deposit Allowance Credits in to anyone’s bank account at any time, in any dollar amount. Each employee will see his current credit balance displayed in the top corner of the screen, each time he logs in to your Company Store. This program is very powerful, but it also requires a robust commitment to employee recognition throughout your company, and an equally robust spending budget to empower your Allowance Credits Program and make it meaningful.
| See sample |

Great Reasons… to use your new Online Company Store for an Employee Rewards and Recognition Program:

1Your store makes these programs very easy to start, and very easy to manage going forward. All you need to do is identify a budget to support this type of recognition, and we do the rest.

2Your company merchandise lasts far longer than a small cash bonus or gift certificate, and serves as an ongoing reminder of the positive recognition that’s been given. Logo products are also a great part of your overall marketing efforts, so you accomplish multiple positive outcomes at the same time.

3Unlike other types of gift certificates, where you buy them and hope they get used… With our program, you never pay for anything until it actually gets used. So if you give out $100 and only $60 is spent, you only pay for the $60, and you don’t pay until the money is spent. This keeps your recognition program matched dollar-for-dollar with the cost of the rewards you’re giving out; no overhead, no waste, maximum efficiency and value per dollar.

Mobile Shopping for phones and small screens

We give you free software updates, as our technology continues to evolve and improve!

We are currently rolling out our newest mobile device technology, which creates a simplified, vertically oriented display that’s easy to scroll through. This industry leading mobile technology is a web-based shopping experience specifically designed for small-screen devices, and requires no apps or cookies be downloaded by any of your employees.

Mobile Login

Mobile Log In

Mobile Dept

Department Selection

Mobile Product List

Product List

Mobile Product Detail

Product Detail

Mobile Cart

Cart Summary

Mobile check out

Check Out

Quick Recap

  • You control who can spend the company’s money and who can’t.
  • You control who can see which products, and who can’t.
  • You decide which products we hold in a quick-ship inventory, and which are produced only when ordered.
  • We build your store for FREE, and there are no monthly or yearly costs.
  • We do updates, create images, and add new items all for FREE.
  • We produce your inventory at no upfront cost, and we give you a full year to use it.
  • You don’t pay for your employee recognition Gift Certificates and Allowance Dollars until they are spent.

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