It is easier than you think… and it can save you money!

What if your employees had the ability to order their own company branded apparel online?

Sure, business casual works in most professions, but some prefer to just wear a shirt with the company logo on it. For some it saves time when picking out clothes in the morning, at least for those who prefer a few more minutes of rest each day.

Company branded apparel makes also implementing a company uniform or dress code easier. Why limit options to just polo shirts and khakis, when you can have an entire store of options for your employees to select logo apparel that suits their individual style?

Beyond simply just apparel, employees might be interested in other branded products like hats, lanyards for their company ID’s, or even bags with the company logo printed on it. The items, even more so than the company apparel, can serve additionally as a form of advertising. The logo is seen out and about as more than just a uniform, potentially spreading your brand to a larger audience.

The cost associated with creating the company branded items actually saves you money in the long run, as it stretches your marketing dollar further. The more useful the items are to the employee, the more likely they are to use or wear it in public.

The problem with the idea of an employee store is that you are now pressured into finding a place that will design, print, and ship these products AND find someone to create and maintain the actual online store. This is completely separate from any other company branded products you may order regularly. While having employees order their own apparel, keeping those two types of products separate is hard to maintain, and not very cost effective.

However, there is a way to solve that. Through an Online Company Store, such as the ones found at, you DO have the ability to simplify your promotional item ordering needs.

Through Online Company Stores, you have the ability to create multiple stores, making it easier to separate employee products from corporate ones. To further ensure this, you can have it set up where the stores are password protected, giving only employees access to the employee store, and only authorized users access to the corporate store.

The employee store would require purchases to be made through a personal credit card, where the corporate store tracks orders, which are paid by the company. The most-needed items are kept in inventory, so they can be shipped out quickly. Everything company branded you need taken care of is found in one single place.

Giving your employees the ability to order their own company branded products will give them the ability to wear your logo, not because they have to, but because they want to.

This small display of dedication opens up marketing opportunities, at no additional cost to the company. Plus, you can use the same store to make ordering corporate branded materials easier than ever before. A Online Company Store may be just what your company needs to solve all of its brand item needs.

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