We are committed to helping you be environmentally friendly with your marketing efforts, uniforms and apparel.

Please see the attached presentation that we have created to introduce this product category Environmentally Friendly Apparel – rev. 01/01/2023

GOOD NEWS… Recycled and Sustainably Certified materials are having a growing impact on the apparel industry, with more styles and choices coming out frequently now. The price point is also dropping, so doing good for the planet has become a good financial decision as well.

We have combed through our industry to eliminate the items that are just earth friendly marketing fluff. So we are pleased to show you the following apparel items, which have a high recycled materials content that you can feel good about.

  • Most of these are using post-consumer recycled water bottles, taking these environmentally harmful plastics out of our oceans and landfills, and putting them back to good use.
  • Another growing trend is using scrap cotton recombined to create usable fabric again, which both keeps it out of the trash cycle and reduces the need for water intensive new cotton to be grown.
  • An MSRP is shown for each item, but let us know what you’re interested in using and we will provide an updated price quote based on current quantity discounts. Samples are also available for any item you would like to see prior to production.

We’d also love to add an “Environmentally Friendly” department inside your company store, so let us know if that is something we can work on together.

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